Aquaquip QC Multi-Colour LED

Aquaquip QC Multi-Colour LED

Product Information

Aquaquip LED Lights run off any 12V, 24V, 32V transformer making it the perfect retro-fit light available. Features Aquaquips unique Quick Connect feature which allows for easy connection to existing light cabling, making retro-fits and new installs painless. Aquaquips universal mounting bracket accommodates screw provisions from existing brands of pool lights for aiding retro-fits.

Brands Suitable for retrofit

  • Stroud Compact 150
  • Stroud SM400
  • Swimworld
  • Waterco
  • Filtrite
  • Spa Electrics
  • Poolrite
  • Autumn Solar, Questa, Chameleon
The Multi-Color model features the advanced Spectrum IX Technology allows the user to program their own favourite mode. Choose from a variety of scroll and flash modes, or program your own favourite default colour by selecting from the innovative colour palette selection mode.

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Voltage 12V - 32V (Variable)
Wattage 22 W
Colour Blue, Green and Red Spectrum
Rated Lamp Life More than 50,000 Hours

Video Preview of Aquaquip QC Multi-Colour LED