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Green Pool Treatment

A pools common cold.

Green pool. Green pools are the most common issue people face when after a period of neglect. The most common reasons for a green pool is a lack of residual chlorine, a present level of phosphate and poor water filtration.

Phospates are basically a fertilizer(food) for algae to grow from and chlorine is in place to instantly kill any live spores from growing any further.

Every pool is different and requires a different amounts and types of chemicals to get it back to crystal clear. So fill up a water sample bottle, bring information about your pool (pool litreage, pool finish, type and brand of chlorinator) then bring it into your closest store so we can test your balances before giving you the right amount of stuff to get it back to normal.

Don't want to treat it yourself? Not a problem!

Green pool. Our experienced mobile service technicians can do all the hard work for you. All you need to do is give us a ring at your closest store and we can come out and do a quote free of charge! Not only will we bring the pool back to sparkling clear, we will rebalance all other needed chemicals and service pool filtration equipment to keep it staying clear!