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Mobile Pool Servicing

Yes, we do it!

Our technicians can come to your house and do all the hard work for you, so you don't have to worry about getting it cleaned, getting it installed or getting that repair job done.

We provide a range of on-site services which are all to a professional standard and we back up our work to a tee. All of our services provide great value for money, especially when compared to our compedtitors, while maintaining a highly professional service.

So what mobile services do you provide?

Here is a short list of the many services we provide.

I don't want to look after my pool, can you do it?

If your pool has a working chlorinator, of course! We provide a regular pool service being fortnightly or monthly (Fortnightly if you don't want to touch it at all). We will come out and clean the pool, clean all the filters, check equipment, test your water and add any chemicals you need so the water is always safe to swim, even for youngsters!

So how much will it cost me?

Great Price! (Artwork by Leroy) A service call and the first hour labour starts from $75! We will come out an service your pool. For other things such as installing equipment, call for a quote.