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Pool Water Testing

Why is testing water important?

Testing pool water is very important, to your pool, your wallet and for who ever plans to use your pool. Pools need to be balanced correctly, and if it isn't, it can cause problems, and to fix these problems it can cost a lot more money than if it were preventable in the first place.

Water tests lets you know what is exactly going on with the pool water and the chemistry behind it. It can shine light on a reason why your pool may have a problem with it. Testing a pool regularly can avoid things like green pools, limescale, staining, irratated skin and eyes. So if you do it often, rather than infrequent, even if the pool is crystal clear, you'll find that you'll end up spending much LESS on your pool over a year than if you were to neglect it and spend the time and money on getting it back to normal, and best of all, we provide this service FREE!

How do you do it?

We use an advanced water scanning system that allows us to obtain a fast an accurate reading, which then calculates exactly what chemicals you need and how much of it you need tailored just to your size of pool. So we only sell you what you need and you're never overloaded with uncessesary chemicals!

What do I need to do before I bring in a sample?

Bring water in any well rinsed out bottle containing at least 250mL of water, when you come in store the next time, we will give you a proper water sample bottle for testing water in, free of charge. We also need to know a few things about your pool. The main questions of interest are as follows; To make things easier, print off and fill out our New Customer Regerstration Form which is a neat form for you to display your pool information. Either fax it to us or bring it in the next time your in your nearest store and we'll log you onto our system.